Monday, October 5, 2015

Who are our A-5 Coaches?

We have 6 students from the 7th and 8th Grade A-5 course, who were chosen as leaders/ coaches for this 6th Grade A-5 class.  We would like for all readers of the blog to know a little about them.  We are very proud of our coaches and thankful for their positive attitudes, leadership skills and work ethic.  The coaches have been in the A-5 program for at least 2 years and know what to say to the younger A-5 students and how to lead them.  The coaches assist with support in the writing assignments and in the athletic activities.  Each coach is responsible for one team (leading, advising and mentoring).  The coaches for this quarter are:
Silas Emerson
Toshawnka Jenkins
Max Allen
Andrew Magnarelli
Luke Spear
Jason Levereault

Maxx Allen:

  I want to be an A-5 coach because we needed to join another activity and I wanted to help the younger kids out. Also,once Mr.Epple asked us to help out I definitely wanted to help him out. The A-5 6th grade should also get to have input on how to get better and to encourage them by telling them how they are doing.  So to wrap it all up I like coaching for the little kids and I'm glad I got picked.

Luke Spear:

I wanted to be an A-5 coach because I enjoy helping people. I wanted to do this class because i’m a good sport and a good leader. I think the A-5 program could benefit from me being in this class. The A-5 team can use some coaches from 8th grade to help Mr.Epple (who can’t play dodgeball). I also like helping with kids. I remember I helped out with the Special Olympics once. So I am used to this type of idea. All in all, I think I make a good addition to the A-5 coaching league.

Silas Emerson:

I am an A-5 6th grade dodgeball coach. I wanted to be a coach because I love this program. I have played all three years we have had this program. I am respectful of others, I care about everybody equally. I am a good sport and like to have fun, however I am very competitive. This is why I wanted to be a sixth grade A5 coach and Why i think I got accepted to be one.

Toshawnka Jenkins:

I want to be a A-5 Coach because we needed to join another after school program.Another reason is I thought it would be fun to coach a sports team.Also it would be fun to interact with younger kids.Also I like to have fun with Epple because he is really funny and he is really easy to beat in sports.I also want to be the best coach and the best team in the sport.  

Jason Levreault:

Why did I want to be a coach for sixth grade A5 Coach? I wanted to be a sixth grade A5 coach because i thought It would be a lot of fun to be able Influence how some of the teams may play and teach them, I wanted to be able to get extra time at A5, I wanted to be able to keep A5 going, and I also wanted to just be able to help the 6th graders If they feel confused on what they should be doing. Lastly I feel like I got chosen to be a coach because I am a good role model, (Other than when I am misbehaving) I have good sportsmanship, and I am to the younger kids. This is why I wanted to be a A5 coach and why i think I got chosen.


  1. These are excellent pieces of writing! I'm so glad to see you all working with younger kids and modeling good sportsmanship and leadership skills. What you do makes a difference to other kids! Sra. Wakeman

    1. Thank you for your support and positive feedback!