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What does good sportsmanship mean to you? (Student's Unedited Work)

We watched a video titled: Sportsmanship Still Exists (Sports Compilation)

Sportsmanship Still Exists (Sports Compilation)

We had a discussion about sportsmanship, not only in sports, but in life.  Students shared stories of both good and bad sportsmanship.  The following stories are written by our 6th Grade A-5 class and it is their response to the following:  What does good sportsmanship mean to you?  Discuss a time when you either showed good sportsmanship or you witnessed good sportsmanship.
These are their stories:

Lucas Argentino:

A good sport is someone who is kind even if let's say his team got beat or a player on a different team got hurt, A good sport would go help them up and see what's wrong even though it's not his team. I think a good sport is someone that would go over the top to help someone and or would help someone even if he did or didn't want to.

Hailey Shea:


what does good sportsmanship mean to me ?  To me it means to be competitive but at the same time you should care about the other player's   and make sure others are ok . For example when my team was doing a game for the championship  and the other team won they came up to us at the end and said  nice try and good job .  And my team was not as upset anymore ! Sportsmanship is a big part of a game !

Zaila Dort:

         Good sportsmanship means to me that somebody on one of the teams does something out of their way to make somebody feel good about themselves or about their team. One example of good sportsmanship is if somebody got hurt and you stopped the game just to make sure and see if that person is ok. Another example of good sportsmanship is if a team just lost the game and you or another player go over to that team and tell them that it’s alright, and that they played good, they appreciate it more than you think. One experience that really reminded me of good sportsmanship is when I was playing soccer on a rainy, windy, stormy day. I was running down the moist, wet field to cover a girl on another team when she shoved me and I fell straight into the mud. It was so cold and wet and I had nothing underneath my shirt or shorts. ( Like an extra pair of pants or sweatshirt. ) Then right when I’m about to stand up, Hope Miller comes and picks me up onto my feet and asks me if I’m ok. I told her I was ok but she didn’t know that it meant so much to me that she helped me up.

Kylie OConnell:

         What Sportsmanship means to me
To me sportsmanship is very important in playing sports, sportsmanship can be  kind, caring, and  motivating to fellow teammates. To me good sportsmanship from team members leads to a better game and team!  Plus, a team without good sportsmanship can be rude and not win or succeed at the games they play.On the other hand teams with good sportsmanship are respectful and have a better chance at being successful.
 In softball, last  season , my friend got hit in the face by the ball :(. Our team (including our coaches and me) helped her out, also me and some of  my friends sat an inning and helped her pull together.  After the game she was ok and feeling better, I’m very happy that we all helped her!  
                                  By, Kylie O’Connell

Geoffrey Callahan:

       What Good Sportsmanship Means To Me
Good sportsmanship means to me “fair players during a sport that shows teamwork and cooperation. Also showing kindness to the opposing team and teammates(spectators to.) I showed good sportsmanship on a taekwondo tournament when another red belt and I were sparring. I back kicked him on the knee and hurt him. I lost points for it. I felt bad and walked  towards him and helped him up. He went over to his side and I went to my side. I won the match but I felt bad for what I did. I apologized after the round. He said it was ok.  

Not Me

Avery Emerson:

What Sportsmanship Means To Me
Sportsmanship means to me a good sport,an example is say someone got tackled in football and he got hurt if somebody on the opposite team comes over to him and sees if he is ok that is considered sportsmanship. An example of my doing sportsmanship is once my football team won A game and after the game both of the teams shake hands and after we shook hands I said to some other football player good game you did a great job.

Ethan Williams:

     Sportsmanship to me is when teammates or teammates on the other teammates helping each other. or thor people helping each other in a fight from stopping it. My favorite part of the clip is when the soccer player got hurt and another player caught the ball because he saw the hurt player.
     I was showing sportsmanship by when i was playing football at school and i help some other kids by saying good job. them if they did a good job.
Ethan williams

Daniel Hafey:

                             What Good Sportsmanship Means To Me

Good sportsmanship to me means when you or someone else makes sure that someone's okay when they get hurt. Or maybe because the player was mad at himself because he missed an easy shot or committed an error on an easy ground ball you go over to them and make them feel good. I witnessed good sportsmanship when I was on a baseball team and whenever someone struck out we made them feel better.

Nicholas Rapchuck:

               What Sportsmanship Means to me  

sportsmanship means to me is when someone picks someone up when they are hurt.Also being happy and congratulating a player if they win a big game and you're the loser.also having a good sense of humor when you lose.

A act of sportsmanship i had was when i lost a world series game in baseball and congratulated a a player and was happy for them.

for example this picture  congratulating Holliday

Johnny Ho:

       Good Sportsmanship
This is what good sportsmanship is to me. Showing kindness to one and another in some way.

Here is one time I witnessed good Sportsmanship. During recess my friend slide tackled somebody, then he went up to him to make sure he was okay and he was.File:Lass Messi.jpg

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