Monday, October 5, 2015

A5 Player Profiles

This is the second assignment for our A5 class.  The students observed examples of player profiles, in different types of sports.  We discussed what would be relevant items for our A5 player profiles.  Coaches (7th/ 8th Graders) had a rough draft of what they thought the 6th Grade A5 class should have (as profiles) and introduced it to the class.  We began taking student player pictures for this assignment and the students created their own player profiles.  We have listed the categories the A5 Coaches chose to have students write about.  Please enjoy our 6th grade player profiles:


  1. Hey there A5 6th Grade!

    From reading your profiles, I can see that you're a powerful team with a nice balance between throwing and catching preferences. I'd also really enjoy going out to eat and listening to music with all of you because I love the food you love, and your tastes in music really rock!!

    1. Thank you for commenting. Anytime you would like to join us for a game, let me know, and you are in. You are our Honorary Member.