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A is for Acceptance (Project Explanation and Student Work)

The next blog will consist of a multiple week project.  Our class is going to take the S.A.I.L.S. acronym and represent what each means to us.  We will do a letter per week.  When the overall project is done, we will have each player's feelings on what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  The students will also have to answer what the acronym letters mean to our school and to our A5 program.  This can be a writing, art or combination piece.  Students will be encouraged to use Photo shop, Pixlr or Prezi to represent their answers to what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  We will view different representations of each WORD during the beginning stages of the class.   Enjoy!

Week 2:  What does Acceptance mean to you?  How do you represent or demonstrate this for yourself?  How do you see it represented in our school and in our A5 program? 
We watched this video:

And this video:

And this video:

Mr. Epple:

What does Acceptance mean to me?  Not putting labels on people.  Looking at us a one human family.  We define ourselves as black, white, catholic, agnostic, religious, non-religious, rich, poor, smart, dumb, lazy, motivated.  We are people.  We need each other.  We need to belong to something, hopefully positive.  We are more a like than we want admit.  We are a human family, that needs to work together for the common good of ALL on this planet.  We need to accept each other as our fellow humans, rather than separate ourselves with labels.  As Morrie Schwartz (Tuesday with Morrie)  once said, quoting the poet W. H. Auden, "Love is the only rational act," and "Love each other or die."  Great quotes and great ideas from some great people.

Isabelle Nixon
Isabelle Nixon
I think that Acceptance means to take someone for who they are and not for what like or their religion and so many more things that people in this world look at before they become friends with them . We even have a word for treating people differently because of their skin color. Its segregation . We should not have a word for treating people different. The body. Would we be able to live if we only had an eye and not an ear. Or 2 legs but not a stomach . We all need each other just like the body. Always nice and kind and have courage . Put yourself in  there shoes . Don't judge people by there skin color , their weight, religion,diseases or clothing. Acceptance means to this program is that don't judge people because if u just dig a little deeper into them the might be amazing and you won't be missing out . What it means to the school is that to help anyone and be kind .       Self-acceptance.jpg

Jasper Rose  
    What does acceptance mean to me? It means peace, which means no war or slavery
also I think it means freedom, like the usa it is a free country more countries are starting to follow, like the UK and Sweden plus France. And a lot more! We need to accept each other if you are black or white no matter what the race.SWEDEN is following to the freedom! if the whole world follows we could do so many more things think of a world without war most people can't imagine it. That is why acceptance is important to me and o'maley plus A5


Geoffrey Callahan
                              What Does Acceptance mean to Me
To me acceptance is a way to let people in or to allow people to be what they really are. I demonstrate it (or sometimes demonstrate it) by being kind to others. I could help them with a problem they have and I could support them in some way. I see it in school for the teacher helping out students or other teachers and in stories or books we read. In A5 we show our teammates acceptance and we help support other people who can’t play that well.Image result for acceptance on sports teamsImage result for acceptanceImage result for acceptance

Emily Shea
Acceptance by Emily Shea
What does acceptance mean to me?Acceptance means to me is not to make people feel like they don't belong here.In A5 we use acceptance for not making fun of people that get out.Acceptance is very important because it is helping people not feeling sad.Acceptance we use all the time in  omaley we help eachother and we care if they are sad or hurt.

Zachary Oliver
What acceptance means to me is helping people you don’t know out and let them hang out with your group. When here is a new kid say from Florida and he just moved to MASS. don’t let him just hang out with himself because his is new, maybe he or she is some what like you! Always let someone feel like they are important and not just a pile of trash.
Playing, Ball, Kids, Boy,

Neville Clancy

Acceptance is letting people join in or help with things. If someone looks different treat them like they are like any other person. If someone is sad let them join in in what they are doing.It means to  that all of omaly need to work to gether and be kind to each other. If someone does not understand something in school help them out. You could help them understand their homework. People can't always do everything alone so people need to work together. People need to more positive.

Image result for acceptanceImage result for acceptanceImage result for acceptance

Jakob Parpart
Acceptance is when you see someone that got hurt or is getting bullied you go up to him and stand up top the bully.
Another example is when you see a kid that wants to be part of a gang but instead of the people allowing him to be in the gang they exclude him, to show acceptance you would go up to him or her and ask them if they want to join their group, club or gang.

Thomas Elliot
                                                   What Acceptance Means To Me and the School and A5
To me, acceptance means taking people for who they are. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, is a saying I always remember. If a person is black, white, Mexican, Latino or Asian, don’t automatically give them a label. Get to know the person, invite them over your house, you never know when you might make a new friend.
To A5 and the school, acceptance means show the new kid around, give him some pointers. If a kid falls, help them back up. If you see someone getting bullied, intervene and help the victim. Don’t think someone wears weird clothes or has different styles, you never know what they think about you.

Avery Emerson
What does acceptance mean to me
acceptance to me kind of means to not judge a person basicly dont judge a book by its cover!! For example if you saw someone and they looked really poor and they didn't really look like they were good at anything, and one day you faced him in say basketball or any sport and he turned out to be really good. Or another example is don't judge people by their race. don’t judge people by their color or where there from basicly just don't judge don't be mean don't be rude! This is one of my favorite things to say… don’t judge a book by its cover it means a lot to me!!

Caleb Grace
acceptance in my mind is when you see a kid getting bullied and you go over and you help the kid up to his feet and then you let him chill with you or go and let him toss a football with you or something like that and also acceptance is to strive and help people that don't have any friends to have a lot of friends,in a personal experience i actually hung out with some kid and he didn't have many friends than i introduced him to one of my other friends and now they hang out more then me and that other friend dont hang out that much anmymore and also some popular kids actually let that same kid in there group and there fine with it.   

ACCEPTANCEFile:CFL football.jpg

Jack Patten
What Acceptance Means to me

acceptance to me means that we as a nation are united. We are a nation that works together no matter what you believe in or the color of your skin, we have eachothers backs and work together no matter the circumstances. Acceptance also means that we have to accept people from other countries who do not feel safe in their homes. to O'Maley and A5 Acceptance means that we need to be nice and caring for people around us. this will keep us more united at O’Maley and A5. Acceptance is important and will help a lot of people.

Acceptance to me means not judging people by their physical features such as race. In a5 Acceptance is not making fun of somebody that isn't that good. Not befriending somebody because of looks of how popular someone  is or what they have financially would be the opposite of acceptance in my opinion. Nobody should be degraded by anything on the outside. Better yet don't judge anybody because you don't know how their life is outside of school or in the past. We’re all people. The women's wheelchair race at
Anthony Simonelli

Daniel Hafey
 What acceptance means to me

What acceptance means to me is when someone accepts one for who they are no matter who they are. An example of acceptance to me would when someone made a mistake in the past and some people don’t accept her for what she did but deep down you know that she is really an amazing person and if you don’t believe that you are wrong. An example that people in A5 that we could do is when someone maybe is not that good at what they are you doing you could still accept them even though they aren’t that good.Image result for acceptance

Zaila Dort
By: Zaila Grayce Dort
Acceptance can mean thousands of things to everyone around us. Yet this, is what acceptance means to me. Acceptance means that no matter what you can accept everyone around us no matter what skin tone, religion, disability, or gender. Acceptance means that you may not like that person, but you are still nice to them, help them, and even comfort them when they are in need. Acceptance is very important in every community and every community needs it. But does very community have That is the sad part. Acceptance just like many other of the S.A.I.L.S letters needs to be used everywhere. Many people don’t use it and that is what causes many cases of bullying. If a new student entered a school they are very vulnerable and many people may pick on them. When people start picking on them, it grows. Not being accepted can make people depressed, feel left out, angry, and some cases result in suicide. Acceptance is VERY important and if not used, it can result in horrible outcomes. Acceptance can make someone feel happy, and can make you feel happy too. Acceptance can also mean friendship by making somebody feel welcome. These are a couple things that mean acceptance to me.

Raunak Anand

Acceptance to me is accepting people for who they are. Not saying, oh that person is white or saying, oh this person dresses up like a clown. We people are all different but we share one thing in common. We all have a heart, you can decide to use your heart or you can leave it in darkness. Togather we should be one family, not different rivals. There are people out there who think too much of themselves. In school it means not judging people by their looks or actions. In A5 it means letting anyone be on your team and cheering them on. Not liking whispering to someone else saying “This kid is going to make us lose”.

AcceptanceAcceptance, Tolerance, Town

Nicholas Rapchuck
What Acceptance Means to Me
acceptance means to give it a try and don't not do things that you don't want to do.Give it a try.Also it means to accept other people that may be different than others.Finally acceptance means to  accept people and not judge them. Therefore acceptance means many things to me.
Acceptance means  things to A5 means to let people on your team and dont ghet mad that your not onyour friends team.
Acceptance means a l lot to our school too. It means to let people into your group and not exclude them.

Kylie O'Connell

What the A in S.A.I.L.S
Means to me

The A (Acceptance) in S.A.I.L.S means to include and accept your peers,friends, and even family in activities you participate in. I see examples of this everyday, at recess i see kids including their peers in ball games, conversations, and more! When someone gets hurt, is feeling down, or left out, other students in the our A5 program  go to help them. So next time you see anyone who is not being included, go talk to them, they might end up as your best friend!
Heart, Hands, Sunset, Beach,

Haily Shea
What does acceptance mean to me ? Acceptance  means  to me is to accept each other and  not worry what the other person looks like . Also it means to me is to let everyone do that activity . Another way acceptance mean to me is don't exclude anyone who doesn't do what you do or what they look like. Everyone should have the right to do what everyone one does even though they look different. This means to the schools that everyone can learn here and be happy here . This means to A5 is if someone isn't good than don't make infront of them and help them .What does acceptance mean to me ?      

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Pay It Forward

Please click on the following link to see the IMDB page for our A5 film we will be watching, which is a very good visual representation of S.A.I.L.S.:
Pay It Forward

Who are our A5 coaches? (winter session)

We have 3 students from the 7th and 8th Grade A-5 course, who were chosen as leaders/ coaches for this 6th Grade A-5 class.  We would like for all readers of the blog to know a little about them.  We are very proud of our coaches and thankful for their positive attitudes, leadership skills and work ethic.  The coaches have been in the A-5 program for at least 2 years and know what to say to the younger A-5 students and how to lead them.  The coaches assist with support in the writing assignments and in the athletic activities.  Each coach is responsible for one team (leading, advising and mentoring).  The coaches for this quarter are:

Silas Emerson
Toshawnka Jenkins
Jason Levereault

Silas Emerson:

I am an A-5 6th grade dodgeball coach. I wanted to be a coach because I love this program. I have played all three years we have had this program. I am respectful of others, I care about everybody equally. I am a good sport and like to have fun, however I am very competitive. This is why I wanted to be a sixth grade A5 coach and Why i think I got accepted to be one.

Toshawnka Jenkins:

I want to be a A-5 Coach because we needed to join another after school program.Another reason is I thought it would be fun to coach a sports team.Also it would be fun to interact with younger kids.Also I like to have fun with Epple because he is really funny and he is really easy to beat in sports.I also want to be the best coach and the best team in the sport.  

Jason Levreault:

Why did I want to be a coach for sixth grade A5 Coach? I wanted to be a sixth grade A5 coach because i thought It would be a lot of fun to be able Influence how some of the teams may play and teach them, I wanted to be able to get extra time at A5, I wanted to be able to keep A5 going, and I also wanted to just be able to help the 6th graders If they feel confused on what they should be doing. Lastly I feel like I got chosen to be a coach because I am a good role model, (Other than when I am misbehaving) I have good sportsmanship, and I am to the younger kids. This is why I wanted to be a A5 coach and why i think I got chosen.

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S is for Service (Project Explanation and Student work)

This is the first assignment in the What does S.A.I.L.S. mean to me?  This is a multiple week assignment.  Week 1: What does Service mean to you?  How do you represent or demonstrate this for yourself?  How do you see it represented in our school and in our A5 program?  We watched the video on Service:

We also watched this video:

Mr. Epple:

I am going to put my spin on what Service means to me.  I believe Service is demonstrated by any act of kindness towards others.  This can be done through a major or minor act.  We don't have to spend a large deal of time on one act, to make a life lasting impression on others.  It can be a smile, a gesture or anything that is born out of kindness towards others.  The interesting thing is, when we act in kindness, there is an immediate, positive feeling within us.  One cannot feel regret, if we act in kindness.  We could also view Service, as a representation of the "Pay It Forward" movement.  One act of kindness will produce another act of kindness, which will spread.  Who knows how far it will go.  Service starts with us.  Each person can change the world for the better and it is not hard to do.

Thomas Elliot:

                                                                SERVICE Service is an act of kindness, big or small. An act of kindness could just be picking up someone’s pencil, [ if it falls ]. Another act of kindness might be helping someone with homework. If everyone did an act of kindness, I guarantee there would be less crime and maybe terrorism wouldn’t exist. Everyday problems could be fixed if people would be nice and help.                                                                  

Zaila Dort:

Service means many different things to everyone around us. Though this is what service means to me. Service means to me that you participate in kindness, work, and everyday activities when told to do so. The complexity of service isn’t that hard to understand. Doing something for somebody else is one thing that can represent service and it can be done in the blink of an eye. Another part of service is doing your part of the job. Service means that you can get the job done. Everybody can contribute to the concept of service every single day of their lives. Service can mean thousands of different things and it’s hard to explain one word as something somebody else may not understand. That’s why service is a precious thing that can never be broken. The power an act of kindness could do is something greater than anyone could imagine. Service doesn’t only mean something in many ways, but affect something in many ways. Service affects the A-5 dodgeball team by spreading control, skill, leadership, and sympathetic actions towards people in this group. Not only does it affect the dodgeball team, it affects the whole entire O’Maley Academy. Doing something for somebody else could create a chain of superior actions towards everybody around them, also people from far away. An act of kindness doesn’t always mean you have to do it in person. For example: If somebody posted a picture of their dog on instagram and said “Does anyone think my dog is cute :)?” you could like the picture and comment “Yeah! :)” that may make that person's day! A simple action could change that person’s life. Though that isn’t life changing, it could still put a smile on that person’s face! These are only a few things on what service means to me.

Haily shea

What does service mean to me and the school ? Service means to me to be kind to others and to be helpful.  When people get hurt or they are upset i will  ask them if they are ok . Our school represents it  because people are kind and are helpful to others . Our A5 program  has a lot of service in the program .When someone get hurt we all stop and check if they are ok . Also I see servius when someone is getting bullied and someone  standed up to the bully to help the kid getting bullied . Everyone can do service . Service is being kind and helping others .

Zachary Oliver
What service means to me is help the community and be kind to people. People who get hurt mostly get no help. service can take a few seconds and it can do a lot.The community needs help and every day thirty minutes can be fine to put some effort and feel good about yourself.  Other resolutions: 320 × 229give Bob Bryan a hand.jpg

Jasper Rose

A tennis injury
What does Service mean to me?
Service to me means to help and be kind to others. If something happens like a person trips and falls, go up to them and say “are you ok” or if someone drops their stuff help them pick it up. THat is one of the biggest things that service means to me.IF you look above this there is a photo of two world class tennis players and the one in the yellow was just injured and the one in the white is being kind, which falls under being kind which also = Service. We all need a hand sometimes so be nice and friendly to other people you can get to more places like a better job or even a better collage! Or if you really badly want to work at google go do it program something and, if you try most likely you will get it.  All of these facts go back to Service
   Brady Lattanzi
Service can be shown by showing someone you care for them or the earth or anything just a simple helping hand can help.


in everyday life it can be shown by help someone pick up their papers etc.. It affects this school because if kindness did not spread we would all hate going to school, we need to do these things to help out be a community. it effect this program because if we left our stuff at the gym we would probably get in trouble but we show service by cleaning up our and other peoples stuff. IN these acts of kindness you don't need to be someone's slave you just need to be open to help.

Jack Patten:
I believe that service means an act of kindness. It is a way to help people when they are said or lonely. It doesn’t take a long time and it is not a risk, so why not help someone. another example of service is when someone is having a problem with something, then you could help them fix it. Service also means being thankful to one another. If someone does something nice for you, then you should thank them. For example, if you are at school and you fix someones computer for them, then you should thank them for what they did. Also, another example that you could show is returning something you found that is lost. if you found a 20$ bill on the ground, then you should return it to whoever lost it or return to a place where they can get the bill to the person. These are acts of service, and we should all be doing this to make our community better.

Geoffrey Callahan:
What service means to:
It means being kind and helpful to someone or many people. It’s not something you can pass out and expect to get something good out of it. It has a meaning in it. Something good in it.

It means to help someone with their homework(not giving them the answers) or if they dropped something to help pick it up. You could also volunteer to do something for someone.

It would mean being kind to other kids and helpful to them. To help teach them or to help them get better at something.

Anthony Simonelli:
What Service Means To Me!

Service to me, means going out of your way to do something that benefits somebody else. For example, if it snows you can shovel the the people nextdoors’ stairs or car when you're finished with your house.

At school, an example of service is after lunch before you go outside you pick up and throw away the trash on your table that way it's easier for the janitor in the afternoon.
In A5, an example of service is simply saying good job or nice throw to your teammate if he/she gets somebody out. Dodgeball, Mlb, Logo, Banner,
Ethan Williams:   
Service is kindness and helping people with small but great things. Like if someone drops all there stuff. You can help the pick the stuff up. That’s service, and you can do other things too like if someone is hurt you can help them and pick them up. Or you just do something when nobody's watching.
Service to the school means helping the teachers doing something kind even when nobody's around. And other things like passing out papers helping somebody with homework. Or if you pick up litter. When the sixth grade picked up all the leaves in people's back yard that was an act of service.
Service to A5 is Almost the same thing like the school service. Like if someone gets hurt you can pick them up and bring them to the nurse. And bringing the balls out for the dodge ball game . ANd helping other kids with setting up the game.

Caleb Grace:  
Service means to be kind to people the way you want to be treated and also you could do something nice to some like maybe if you were in a fancy restaurant and you saw someone who was in the army you could buy the meal and the entree for them or another thing you could is if you see someone getting bullied or getting into a fight you could go and get a parent or teacher to settle it down get the kids to maybe become friends not enemies cause who wants enemies nobody  wants enemies nobody trust me.One thing thats important in service for me is the army because my oldest brother might go into the army well not to fight but to become a engineer and my uncle is in the army and my grandfather was in the army.This image rendered as PNG in

Kylie O'Connell:   
What S.A.I.L.S Means To me!
The “S” in S.A.I.L.S means any act of kindness in my opinion. Acts of kindness can leave a good impression, or a wide smile on a friends face. Every day I see examples of service at O’Malley Middle School, from simply holding a door for somebody, to giving up your spot in an afterschool program for another student (isn’t that so kind?)!
I’ve also seen many acts of service this A5 dodgeball class, if someone gets hurt, there are always several people making sure they are ok (I know this because it’s happened to me!). In conclusion, this is my opinion on the “S” in S.A.I.L.S.
Popsicle Stick Lighthouse.JPG
Nicholas Rapchuck
What service means to me?
Service is the kindness and what you do for others.One  example of service is doing the right thing when nobody is watching, or just doing the right thing in general.
There is many things I have seen service in O’Maley. One thing is Someone missed the trash at lunch and someone else picked it up.
Service in A5 is that someone picks up another player when they fall down.

Isabelle Nixon:
Service means that you do whatever you can do to help someone or someones in any way . Everything counts . No matter what is it . Being kind or generous or caring still counts as service and can go a long way . That child who gave that 20 dollars to that soldier was thinking of him and look how far it went now they have 250,000 dollar to this charity that is amazing and helps so many people that parents have died in war
        In the school I have seen many acts of service . For example one day I was walking down the hall and saw this girl drop her books so someone right next to her asked if she needed help carrying her books . Also when I was in the commons a girl asked an 8th grader if she could help her find a place and the 8th grader walked her all the way there.
 In A5 I also see things that remind me of service are one day when someone tripped a girl went to go help him and asked if he was alright . When this girl got hit with the ball she got many people come over and help her . These are examples of service       
Daniel Hafey:   

What Service means to me is when someone does something nice for someone else even if it’s  someone you don’t know or someone that you may not like but it is still the right thing to do. It is when you go out of your way to do something when someone needs it. If someone is hurt go up to them and ask them if they are ok and help them up. I have seen at school when someone drops all there books or something they help them pick them up. An example of service to me means ( as seen in the picture below) someone helping someone in a track meet after they fell and probably losing the race for themselves.

Mason Klyce
to show someone or something that you can take care of them or something they own.