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I is for Integrity (Project Explanation and Student Work)

The next blog will consist of a multiple week project.  Our class is going to take the S.A.I.L.S. acronym and represent what each means to us.  We will do a letter per week.  When the overall project is done, we will have each player's feelings on what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  The students will also have to answer what the acronym letters mean to our school and to our A5 program.  This can be a writing, art or combination piece.  Students will be encouraged to use Photo shop, Pixlr or Prezi to represent their answers to what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  We will view different representations of each WORD during the beginning stages of the class.   I also would like to add, we as an A5 class will try and watch the film, "Pay It Forward."  This movie displays all parts of S.A.I.L.S.  We will watch the film, when the 5 week period is over for our S.A.I.L.S. assignment.  Here is the IMDB link for that film:
Pay It Forward

Week 3: What does Integrity mean to you?  How do you represent or demonstrate this for yourself?  How do you see it represented in our school and in our A5 program? 

We started the class by looking at the definition of Integrity:

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Synonyms for Integrity: honesty, virtue, straightforwardness, sincerity, goodness, wholeness, purity, (the inability to be corrupted)

Students could ask questions about integrity and give examples of when they have done it or where they have seen it.

We then watched the following video clips on Integrity:
A Life of Integrity:

Do what you say you will do (Abraham Lincoln Story):

Animation about Integrity:

Integrity gets you Everything (Motivational Video):

Mr. Epple

Integrity.  What is it?  How do we know if we do it?  Is it a part of us?  Do we have to try and live life with Integrity?  Ask yourself.  If you know you are someone who doesn't tell the truth, you are not living with Integrity.  If you do what is easy, rather than what is right, you are not living with Integrity.  If you need someone to watch over you, in order to do the right thing, you are not living with Integrity.  Look in the mirror.  What do you see?  If you see an honest, hard working, motivated, pure (will not be swayed by others) and straightforward person, then you are the definition of Integrity.  Your word should be your word.  A handshake counts, as your word.  You don't tell others what you think they need to here.  You tell others the truth, no matter the consequence.  You don't "yes" people, you are honest with people.  In the midst of criticism, negativity and anger, you do what is right.  You do not shy away from what is right because of difficulties.  If you are not living with Integrity, ask yourself why?  Why am I not living with Integrity?  This can not be taught.  We can see examples of Integrity, but it needs to come from within.  Integrity starts here........ with us.

Zachary Oliver
What integrity means is that you are trustworthy, honest and people can rely on you. What is means to me is that people can really think you are a good person with a good attitude and never tell a lie.

East Asian friends

Brady Lattanzi

    The word, “integrity” means a few different things to me: the most common way I would use the word, would be to describe someone's character. Like honesty, honor, ethical, decent, and truthful. These are some words I would use to describe someone who has integrity. Another way I would use the the word integrity would be to describe an object’s strength. For example: the integrity of that chimney had been damaged by years of weather and neglect.

Isabelle Nixon


What does integrity mean to me .. It means to do the unexpected while no one's watching . Go the extra mile . It's like not to go and get that new video game when your parents told you not to. Or when a teacher leaves the classroom and you want to run up to your friends and talk to them but you don't because then you don't have Integrity. Being honest is characteristic of having integrity. That's a characteristic that most people have trouble with. Even I do . It hard to be honest about things . Being a role model is a characteristic. How those little things inside that can help this world is having integrity to me.

WE show Integrity in A5 and in our school in many different ways. You may not think it your showing integrity even when you are showing it. Not talking when the teachers talking , listening , keeping a secret when you're asked to and even just holding the door for someone is integrity . I see all theses things everyday at O'maley. In A5 i see it when Mr. Epple leaves to go grab something kids don't jump on tables or go crazy and take advantage that he not there . Also when people get out and know one sees it but they still go to the line again . There being honest and that's showing Integrity.
Popsicle Stick Lighthouse.JPG

Raunak Anand
To me integrity means doing the right thing. This can be not betraying your friends trust by not blaming  he or she on something you did to get in trouble. In O’maley, integrity means that helping others who are unaccepted,or bullied. To A5 it means accepting defeat but showing good sportsmanship about it. In all, integrity is learning to do the right thing.

Jasper Rose
what does Integrity  mean to me it means it means being honest because if you are not honest then you do dont have the trait of integrity. Plus integrity means have good strong principles. If the principles are bad that does not mean that you have the trait of integrity. Integrity is a good trait to have and it really means something!

Anthony Simonelli


To me, integrity means being honest ,upbringing ,and just a good person to be around. An example of integrity in school is complimenting people about things like their shirt. An example of integrity out of school is if someone drops their wallet, instead of taking money ,you can give it back to them or bring it someplace if you can’t find the owner.

Zaila Dort

By: Zaila Grayce Dort
Integrity may have millions of definitions. Only this passage, is what integrity means to me. Integrity means loyalty and justice. Integrity is the quality of honesty and modesty and being able to behave in subjects such as these. Integrity is showing that you are a role model. Having integrity is showing general, overall uprighteousness. Showing that you are capable of any task and being able to focus and concentrate enough so you will always complete whatever challenge that steps into your path. Every community needs at least one person who can withhold the responsibilities of integrity. Though all should have it. Not every community has it but O’Maley does. Integrity, the third letter in S.A.I.L.S. Integrity relates to O’Maley in thousands of reasons. One reason is O’maley has hundreds of role models. From 6th-8th grade there are kids that get straight A’s, don’t swear, would help someone in need, are honest, thoughtful, and reliable. A second reason O’Maley relates to Integrity is because Honestly, loyalty, modesty and/or anything related to such is taught there. They have everyone respect eachother no matter what. These qualities are most important in the S.A.I.L.S rules like any other. There are many definitions and opinions on what integrity means. This is what they mean to me.
Thomas Elliot


          To me, integrity means to be honest and truthful, no matter what the outcome is. I always tell myself everyday to be truthful to my companions and to make logical choices. Feelings may be hurt when being honest, but in the end, you know you made the right choice. 100 percent of the time, you’ll feel better about yourself if you tell the truth. Ask yourself, how would you feel to lie, compared to telling the truth. Integrity also means to make the correct choice. Don’t get involved in the wrong type of group, you never know what might happen in the future because of the group you hung out with as a child.
         To O’Maley, the word Integrity means to tell on your friends when they’re doing something wrong. If you aren’t friends after you tell on them, they probably weren’t the best kids to hang out with in the first place. Another description of Integrity in the school is, if some kid comes up to you and asks you to smoke a cigarette, refuse it. Smoking is a bad thing to do, if you start it, you can’t stop. The nicotine inside the cig will get you addicted and you’ll be a smoker for life.
         Integrity, a word that means to be truthful, and make the right choice.

Neville Clancy


Integrity means you can be trusted by doing the right thing. Even if no one is watching you should do the right thing. If someone is bullying some you should step in in some way to help stop it. What it means to me is I should always try and do the right thing. What It means to this school is if the teacher is out of the room everyone in the room should behave. Or not let other kids not behave. Or if some kid is not listening to the teacher tell them they are not being kind. That's what integrity means to me and the school.

Image result for integrity

Jack Patten


               To me, integrity means to tell the truth and be honest with each other. Integrity also means to be hardworking and motivating yourself to keep working hard no matter the circumstances. An example of Integrity at O’Maley could be someone that is motivating you to work hard while you are in class. It is also not lying to get out of something, you should tell the truth even if the truth is wrong. Another example is someone working hard even if they had a rough day or something went wrong. When you have integrity, it means you can get back on your feet no matter how hard you are knocked down. To have integrity, you also need to be trustworthy, nice, and an overall good person to people around you.

Caleb Grace

Integrity to me is not lying not being mean standing up to a bully practictly anyone in my mind that has integrity in them is immortal not mortal they stand up from anyone else the best of the best greater than everybody well in my mind everyone has integrity in them they just have to use it show it off and use it to stand up to the bullys and criminals and theifs they jusst have to bring it out!PicServer - Letter I

Nicholas Rapchuck
My Meaning of integrity is Being honest even if no one's watching. An Example is if you are sitting on a bench and someone walks by you and drops his/her phone.To show integrity you give the phone to the person who dropped it.Not showing integrity is to keep it for yourself.Another example is when a teacher leaves the classroom you continue to do work instead of talking to someone. Therefore that is my Definition of Integrity

Emily Shea
INTEGRITY-What does integrity mean to me?Integrity means to me is  that is not to tell a lie to not to disrespect people like friends,strangers, teachers and family members.To never give up on your self or anyone else.It dosent matter if ur rich or poor ur not differnt and its the people that help others.Thats what integrity means to me.

Caleb Grace
Integrity to me is like if you're in war and your companion is going to get shot and you jump in front of them and you get shot but your teammate lives or if you are at school and you see a kid getting  bullied you go and break that fight up and you save the kid from getting pounded.


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